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Fat Burners | Are They Good for Weight Loss?

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Whether you’re just starting your transformational fitness journey, or you’ve stumble upon that dreaded plateau, fat burners are a fantastic supplement that can help to put you in gear and accelerate your progress. But wait… there are so many pre-workout supplements on the market these days… with what seems like a never ending list of ingredients! It’s no wonder us fitness enthusiasts are being overwhelmed! So before you rush into buying the first product that claims to “shred all your fat”, the Myprotein team are here to help by telling you how these products actually work and the important ingredients to look out for!


How Do Fat Burners Work? -Thermogenesis


Have you ever wondered how hibernating animals such as bears manage not to freeze in the winter? Or how some people can wander around in winter with nothing but a tshirt on? Well, the reason for this is a concept called thermogenesis. But “what actually is Thermogenesis?” You ask. Thermogenesis is a term used to describe a series of metabolic reactions that occur in the body, whereby fat cells are broken down to form free fatty acids. This breakdown of fat cells causes a large generation of heat and so this is where we get idea of “burning fat”. However, the problem with thermogenesis is that due to our daily stresses, bad dieting habits and normal everyday conditions, the body’s the rate of thermogenesis is relatively low!


But do not fear! Living in such a modernised world has its advantages, where here at Myprotein we have developed a fantastic product using a series of natural ingredients that aims to accelerate the rate of thermogenesis and your fat burning potential. But enough of the claims! Let’s get down to the real evidence behind these weight loss ingredients.


Thermopure- the Ultimate Thermogenic Blend


Thermopure is a cutting edge formula created from a blend of powerful natural ingredients that, when combined with a good diet and workout routine, can aid your fat loss. For example, in the international journal of obesity, a combination of key chemical compounds including Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Raspberry Ketones, L Tyrosine, Vitamin B6 and B12 are shown to support weight maintenance and reduce fat mass by working together to stimulate thermogenesis, and increase metabolism to blast that fat! But before you commit to taking any supplement it’s important to know what’s in them and how they work.


Green Tea

Burn Fat

I’m sure by now you’ve heard someone mention that green tea is “good for you”, well they weren’t wrong! Green tea has been extensively researched and has been found to possess a series of antioxidant properties which can lower the risk of some chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Green tea contains over 2000 components but it is different to many other teas such as black tea, due to its high concentration of special compounds called catechins. Catechins belong to a class of chemicals called poly-phenols, which have been shown in consistently in both animal and human studies to decrease body weight and waist circumference. It is thought that these clever chemicals can influence the body’s composition through a series of different mechanisms in the central nervous system that cause an increase the rate of diet-induced thermogenesis. As a result of this, both short term and long term consumption of green tea can increase the breakdown of fat by increasing the human metabolic rate, thus enhancing energy expenditure. But don’t take my word for it, there are many scientific studies where time and time again, the consumption of green tea has been shown to decrease fat mass and increase the number of calories burned when compared with water.



Burn Fat

When you’re feeling a bit drowsy and lacking motivation a cup of coffee is sometimes exactly what you need to put you back into drive mode. But did you know that direct consumption of pure caffeine is a great deal more effective than your regularly cup of coffee? Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system that has been studied for years and is now used worldwide to restore alertness and reduce fatigue. Among athletes, caffeine is a commonly consumed substance which is now present in several commonly sold energy drinks, diet aids and sports gels due to its ability to improve aerobic performance, reduce fatigue and increase focus. This has been shown in several scientific studies whereby after consumption, caffeine has the ability to increase speed and power output in activities lasting up to 2 hours, meaning athletes can train for longer with greater endurance. Caffeine is sometimes disregarded for its adverse side effects, but currently there is no evidence to suggest caffeine ingestion before exercise can lead to dehydration, ion imbalance, or any other adverse effects.



Raspberry Ketones

Burn Fat

Raspberry ketones are relatively new on the market but in recent years they have been receiving a great deal of attention from people all over the world – especially those looking to lose weight. Research suggests that raspberry ketones appear to have the potential to support a loss of fat by increasing the release of stored fat in the body. Raspberry ketones are another group of chemicals belonging to the poly-phenol class, that are responsible for the tasty scent we get from raspberries! But their functions in the body are a lot more important especially in terms of burning fat and this is due to their fantastic structure and ability to act on the body’s adrenergic receptors. The action of adrenergic receptors in the body are key to you ability to metabolise and burn fat, so by directly interacting with these receptors, raspberry ketones may liberate fat cells in the body, increasing energy expenditure and allowing fat to be used as the main source of fuel during exercise. Not only this, but raspberry ketones may also provide an additional mechanism for weight-loss where they can actually prevent the digestion of dietary fats. They do this through inhibiting and deactivation the pancreatic lipase enzyme, this is the enzyme that digests the fats we eat, meaning more fat is excrete and less fat is stored as body fat.



Burn Fat

L-Tyrosine is a component you may not have heard of before, Dopamine however you will know as the “feel good hormone” released in the body. L-tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that plays an important role in the nervous system as a precursor to dopamine. Tyrosine has been shown in human studies to be useful during conditions of fatigue and stress, creating improvements in physical performance that can increase endurance and decrease appetite and food consumption. Other than in our very own thermopure, L-tyrosine is found in many different food sources in the diet including nuts, chicken, dairy products and seeds, however, it is often necessary to supplement the diet with added sources of L-tyrosine to enjoy the full effects.


Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12

Burn Fat


Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins, we all need our vitamins! Vitamins are essential nutrients that cannot be made by the body. This means we have to take vitamins in through the diet and that’s why the 5 a day message in the UK is looking to be increased to 7 portions a day! But all vitamins have different functions and in many fat burners, water-soluble vitamin B complexes have numerous significant functions. In terms of fat loss however, vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, plays important roles within fat loss, including increasing the efficiency of fat, amino acids and carbohydrate metabolism, helping to burn more calories and prevent accumulations of fat that can increase body weight. Vitamin B12 takes part within many aspects of the nervous system and is also linked to weight-loss. Vitamin B12 is essential for building muscle by also increasing metabolism and deficiencies of vitamin B12 has been linked to anaemia and a reduced work endurance whereby vitamin B12 can present more energy and aid digestion in the body.




The ingredients listed above are just a few of the ingredients that have scientifically been shown to increase the loss of fat in the body and hence why we have used them to develop our Myprotein thermopure fat burner, designed to help you with weight-loss and cutting that fat.


fat burner



Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

Reading Time: 6 minutes

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