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Protein Pow | Cinnamon, Almond and Vanilla Protein Truffles Recipe


By Anna Sward of Proteinpow.com


Vegan & Gluten free… and absolutely delicious!





  • 32 g Myprotein Pea protein powder (or Myprotein Vanilla Miscellar Casein)
  • 10 g Myprotein Coconpure Coconut oil
  • 25 g Myprotein Almond butter or Peanut butter
  • 10 g truvia sweetener
  • 10 g coconut flour
  • 95 g cartoned coconut or almond milk (or chocolate milk!)
  • 3 g cinnamon (or cocoa powder)
  • 3 g vanilla paste (optional)
  • 20 g ground nuts
  • 5 g cocoa powder




1) In a bowl, mix all the truffle ingredients until you get a batter (or ‘dough’) that you can shape with your hands.

I’ve included a few ingredient substitutions you can play with too. The trick is to end up with a mix that you can shape into balls using your hands. If your mix is too wet, add a bit more coconut flour or pea/casein protein powder. If it’s too dry, add a bit more milk. Remember to taste your mix as you go along to ensure it caters to your taste buds!


2) Once you’ve finished shaping out truffles, roll them on the ground nuts and cocoa powder. You could also dip them in melted dark chocolate if you’d like to have more decadent chocolatey protein truffles!


Macros per truffle (serves 10)


Nutritional Facts

Amount per serving

Calories 54
Total Fat 3g
Total Carbohydrates 2g
Protein 4g


… Enjoy!








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