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High Protein Snacks

Cheese Cake Flapjack

If you love cheese cake but really don’t want the high amount of fat, sugar and calories, give this Cheese Cake Flapjack a try!

It contains 10g protein per serving, 1g sugar and 3g fat but most importantly it tastes delicious!

The base has a rich chocolate, nutty, spiced flavour and the topping has a smooth, creamy texture – it’s a truly delicious, easy-to-make protein bar.




75.00 g, Impact Whey Protein, Choc Smooth

50.00 g, Myprotein Rolled Oats

1.00 scoop, Instant Oats (Unflavoured)

45.00 g, Myprotein Almond Butter

2.00 tsp, Coconut Oil

6 Almond Nuts

50.00 g, soft prunes (optional)

5 Raw Cherries (optional)

5 Drops Orange extract (optional)

2 Tbs, Stevia

1 Tsp All Spice


For the top:


30.00 g, Quark

2 Tbs, Stevia

5 Scoop, Milk Protein Smooth

1 Scoop Myprotein Rolled Oats

1 scoop Instant Oats (Unflavoured)




Let’s start the bottom layer:

This recipe is quick and simple put all ingredients into a food processor and blend together is if looks dry add a drop of water or almond milk at a time until it all comes together into a ball. Remove from the food processor (if you don’t have a processor, you can chop everything into small pieces and mix together in a bowl) press the mixture into the base of a greased proof paper lined tray and put in the fridge

Now on to the topping:

Into your cleaned food processor add all the topping ingredients and blend together like before until it makes a ball and then press that over the top of the base mixture.



Macros (based on 20 servings)


Calories – 95

Fat – 3g

Protein – 10g

Sugar – 1g


… Enjoy!


Protein Cheese cake bar - sized

Gemma Amery

Gemma Amery

Writer and expert

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