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Acai Berry and Chia Pudding Recipe | Vegan-Friendly

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Chia pudding recipe

Makes: 2 glasses

Ingredients For Our Chia Pudding Recipe

Optional toppings:


1. First, blend the frozen berries, acai berry powder and water until you get a smooth mixture, then pour into glasses and place in the freezer for 15 minutes.

2. Next, make the chia pudding. Place chia seeds, syrup and milk into a bowl and mix. Leave to sit for around 5 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent lumps from forming.

3. Spoon chia pudding over the top of frozen berry mixture and freeze for 15 minutes.

4. Top with a little desiccated coconut and a couple of frozen berries to serve.


Calories: 345           Protein: 5g           Fat: 9g           Carbs: 8g

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Acai Berry and Chia Pudding Recipe | Vegan-Friendly

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