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Hybrid Athlete Reacts to ‘Banned Exercises for Women’ Viral Video

Hybrid Athlete Reacts to ‘Banned Exercises for Women’ Viral Video
Joni McMullen
Senior Content Executive1 year ago
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Lucy Davis is a hybrid athlete who’ll try basically any kind of exercise. As someone whose focus has always been on strength and fitness not aesthetics, she was dismayed by a recent viral video listing exercises that women “aren’t allowed” to do. She recorded a response debunking some of the harmful myths in the video and posted it to her Instagram page. 


What Did the Video Say?  

According to the viral video, certain exercises are off-limits for women if they want to maintain a "feminine figure." These exercises apparently include: 

  • All exercises with a “pull-down” movement, eg a lat pull down 
  • Direct arm exercises 
  • Squats 

The video claims that these exercises will make women look less “feminine” by giving them wide shoulders, muscly arms, and strong legs.  


Lucy’s Reaction  

Unsurprisingly, Lucy was appalled by the video: “That is probably one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen.”  

Lucy believes that no one should be telling women what they can and cannot do in the gym, and that it’s damaging to discourage them from doing certain exercises.  

“For one, you shouldn’t be telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t do. 

“Number two, you should not be telling women that if you do a lat pull down, you’re going to lose your feminine shape.” 

“They see a video like that, and they‘ll avoid so many exercises. You do not ‘lose’ your femininity by lifting. You will look great.” 


Take Home Message  

Women should be free to pursue their fitness goals no matter what they are without worrying about how they’ll make them look. Harmful myths about weights making women look less “feminine” do nothing but discourage women from participating in healthy exercise.  

It can be difficult but try to ignore nonsense advice like this you see on TikTok and Instagram. Just do whatever you enjoy and don’t think about body ideals others try to place on you.

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Joni McMullen
Senior Content Executive
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Born in Cumbria, Joni completed her English Literature degree at the University of Liverpool before going on to graduate with a Creative Writing MA from the University of Leeds. During her time at university, Joni was a part of two cheer and dance teams, competing in national competitions across the UK. Developing her writing at a student magazine in Leeds, Joni is excited that she is able to combine her love of creativity with her passion for fitness and health. When she’s not writing or in the gym, Joni loves to read, try new activities and spend time with friends.