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The Summer-splurge is coming to an end and most will be stocking up on brand-new Tuppaware ready for school, college, work… whatever it may be!

We’re kicking off our September with a budget-friendly meal prep totting up to less than 700 Calories and a satiating 70g of protein for those wanting to shed a bit of excess fat!

Our meal-prep has a good mix of fats and carbs giving you a healthy all round lunch box without using costly ingredients – ingredients can easily be subtracted/added depending on your goals.

Box One

– 75g cooked Penne pasta

– 1 Tsp mixed dried herbs

– Drizzle of Olive oil

– 25g Myprotein low-fat protein cheese

– 3 mini Turkey Muffins (Recipe available)


Calories – 360

Protein –  35g

Carbs – 33g

Fat 11g)

Box Two


– 1 Can Tuna in brine or spring water

– 2 cups – Mixed green salad with cucumber


Calories – 123

Protein – 28g

Carbs – 2g

Fat – 1g

Box Three


– 20g Plain Peanuts

– 20g Sweetcorn

– 30g Chickpeas

– 20g Grated Carrot


Calories – 170

Carbs –  13g

Fat – 10g

Protein – 7g

… Enjoy!

budget meal prep

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Gemma Amery

Gemma Amery

Writer and expert

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