Why you need InPost Lockers

You can’t always be in at the right time for your MyProtein deliveries, so InPost Lockers are a great alternative if you don’t want to change your plans.

We can send your order to your local locker and you can collect it when suits you, any time 24/7.

As InPost Lockers are outdoors and self-service, there are no queues and you don’t have to wait around for people to find your parcel. Collection literally takes


AND it’s contact-free.

Where is my InPost Locker?

InPost Lockers can be found in lots of familiar places. They might be at your local Morrisons or Lidl, train station, convenience store or petrol station.

Find your nearest locker here.

How to collect your order from an InPost Locker

FAQ'S - Collecting an order

Your nearest Locker could be outside your local supermarket or the station you commute from.

Find your nearest InPost Locker

You can collect your order from an InPost Locker at any time! InPost Lockers are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When your parcel has arrived you will receive an email and text message from InPost containing your collection code.

The fastest way to collect your parcel is to scan the QR code that can be found in the collection email or via a link in the text. Alternatively, you can manually enter your mobile number and unique 6-digit PIN.

You have 72 hours (3 days) to collect your parcel from the time it’s delivered.

InPost will send you a reminder email and text message when you have 24 hours left to collect your parcel before it’s sent back to the retailer.

Yes, just send them a screenshot of your QR code. Alternatively, they can use your mobile number and 6-digit PIN that you’ll find in your collection email and text message from InPost.

If your QR code won’t scan, your screen brightness might be too low. Turn up the brightness

on your phone and try again. Or you can enter your mobile number and unique PIN to collect your parcel.

Please contact us and we can help.

No, they will be in two separate compartments and you will be sent two different collection codes.

This just means your order has been split into two parcels. Scan your first QR code to get your first parcel and scan your other QR code to get your second parcel.

FAQ'S - Returning an order

1. Print out your label and attach it to your parcel, making sure old labels are covered

2. Take the parcel to your local InPost locker

3. Scan the barcode on your returns label and follow the instructions on screen

Yes, you will need to print out your label and attach it to your parcel.

The heaviest you can send is 15kg.

Each locker has three different sized compartments for you to choose from:

Small: 8cm x 38 cm x 64 cm

Medium: 19cm x 38cm x 64cm

Large: 38cm x 38cm x 64cm

When dropping off a parcel at an InPost locker, each parcel must have its own label and be

put in separate locker compartments to avoid your parcel going missing.

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