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By Myprotein Writer

Jamie Bantleman

Our full-body workout can be done with just a few sets of dumbbells.

Often we can’t always have access to a gym with a huge array of equipment therefore I have build a workout that can easily be done on holidays, at home, or elsewhere that you may find yourself with only a small amount of equipment!

Full-Body Dumbbell Workout

The Warm Up

All workouts begin with a series of core engagement work:

Exercise Sets Duration
Plank Activation Work 3 10 secs
Side Plank Activation Work 3 10 secs
Bodyweight hip bridge from bench 3 10 secs

Followed by:

Exercise Sets Reps
Bodyweight Squat 3 10
Press Ups 3 10
Vertical Jump 3 10

 Full-Body Dumbbell Workout

full-body dumbbell workout

A1 Dumbbell Chest Press 3 10 4010 10s
A2 Dumbbell Unilateral Row 3 12 3010 10s
A3 Flat Dumbbell Flies 3 15 2110 60s
B1 Dumbbell Squat 3 10 4010 10s
B2 Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat 3 12 3010 10s
B3 Dumbbell High Step Up 3 15 2110 60s
C1 Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3 10 4010 10s
C2 Dumbbell Lateral Raises 3 12 3010 10s
C3 Dumbbell Reverse Flies 3 15 2110 60s
D1 Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift 3 10 4010 10s
D2 Dumbbell Split Squat 3 12 3010 10s
D3 Dumbbell Walking Lunges 3 15 2110 60s


supplements full body dumbbell workout

MYPRE Pre-workout will be ideal to boost your performance.

Myamino Energy is ideal intra-workout to maintain amino acid profile in the body. 1 scoop in your shaker with 500-800ml water.

Impact Whey Protein 1 scoop gives you 20g protein and it is ideal for a fast absorption of protein. Mix this with water and Dextrose for post-workout muscle replenishment.



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