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An Interview With The Voice UK Star | Tim Gallagher

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Head-To-Head With Tim Gallagher

Tim Gallagher, a 23-year-old singer initially from Crewe is now living a musician’s dream in Manchester, battling his way to The Voice UK’s live knockouts, Tim is one step closer to fame. Growing up in a music fanatic family meant Tim spent numerous years at gigs, open mic nights and singing in the shower. Tim’s wishes came true on the 4th March as he maintained his position on the show.


Not only has Tim been successful throughout his musical journey, fitness has always been a part of Tim’s life. He may have gained J’Hud on Saturday, but he also embarked a weight-loss journey, losing a massive 3 stone! Luckily, Myprotein had the chance to meet up with Tim and discover how his life turned for the better!


What made you want to lose weight and why have you decided to start training?


I got into fitness when I was, well, I have always been active. I went through a phase where my career took over and I developed a bunch of bad habits at gigs, drinking a lot, eating the wrong foods and neglecting my fitness.


I started training seriously when I turned 21, which was in 2015. I got myself a personal trainer and really studied fitness and nutrition. I knew I had to look after myself a lot better.

When did you start using products and what are your favourite Myprotein products?


I ordered Myprotein as a young boy when I was 16/17, that is when I first started training (if that’s what I called it), then I had 2 years off. I was using Myprotein products from 2009/2010. My favourite product is the Banana Impact Whey Isolate. I always have it post-workout, most of the time I train fasted and then get my calories after my workout. The isolate is great as it is fast acting.

Have you tried any specific diets?


I have tried so many different diets, I have tried low-carb, I have tried higher carbohydrates, I have dabbled with everything; nutritional timing, carb backloading but I think the one thing that I found really does work, is making sensible choices. The only thing I am concerned about now is that I am fuelling my body correctly and making sure I hit my protein, the rest in moderation.

How often do you work out?


I work out 6 days a week, 4 days strength and the other 2 days I focus on abs, core strength and a bit of cardio. I had an injury for 18 months so I have been unable to do sprints, deadlifts and squats. The days I am not training I am trying to build my strength back up.

Do you meal prep?


Sometimes I meal prep, sometimes I don’t. When I first started training I would always meal prep. But I think I have educated myself quite well, therefore when on-the-go I can make wise choices, whether it is in the supermarket or dining out. I have trained my brain to make smart choices now.


Favourite cheat meal?


My go-to cheat meal is pizza. Easy.

What is your favourite motivational quote?


My favourite motivational quote is one that my old singing tutor told me when I was 12. “A man that never made a mistake has never made anything”.

What advice could you give to someone to pursue their dreams?


The advice I would give to someone in regards to pursuing their dreams is that you have to have strong inner-self-belief, people try to knock you, they say no, put your craft down, whether it be music, sport or even working in a call centre. People do try to attack your dream; you need a good support group around you. Stay strong.

What got you into music?


I was born into a very musical family. My mum and dad sang which meant I grew up around music and lyrics. It happened very naturally, it wasn’t a choice I made; it was a hobby, then an obsession and then a career.

What inspires you when you write your songs?


I get inspired to write songs when my emotions are high. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a love song, I don’t necessarily have to be heartbroken. I just have to be affected by something. Something has to impact me on a personal level and make me feel something, then I can write about it.

How does keeping fit help you with your music?


Keeping fit is extremely important for any musician; I think it is something that is really neglected. When you think about it, singing is all from the diaphragm and your lungs, therefore anything which helps your breathing is going to have a positive impact on your performance. Aside from that, all the benefits which fitness gives you mentally help with motivation.


I know that whenever I fall off the bandwagon, whether it be a week or two weeks, or even a brief spell at Christmas, I don’t feel great, I don’t feel motivated or feel like myself. I think it is something that everyone needs to utilise.


What do you not eat or drink before singing?


I try not to drink any sodas or eat any spicy food. I have honey, lemon and some ginger with boiling water.

Do you have a specific ritual before going on stage?


I don’t get stage fright, but I did on the show. Really bad! That was a new experience for me. I don’t have any rituals, I just get on the stage and do my thing and enjoy it.

Why did you choose the Voice?


I went on the voice because I felt that the show was a celebration of music and because of the concept, the fact that the coaches can’t see you when you perform is great. It means that they really are looking and listening- well they aren’t looking! They are listening to your voice rather than anything that might interfere with the voice, a distraction, an image or anything else. They really are just listening to your voice and judging you on your voice, which is what I want to be judged on.

You’re going to be busy prepping for the live shows, how will you find your balance?


I said to one of the researchers on the show, there must be a gym! He has sorted that out so that I can stick to my routine- whenever I can fit it in. My favourite workout song? I honestly do not know! Probably a really embarrassing song. Bench pressing to ballads ha!

Who would you like to perform a duet with?


If I could duet with anyone, oh gosh that’s a really hard question. I have two different answers. There is one person I would like to be on stage with, not necessarily duet with. I would like John Mayer to play the guitar for me, which would be nice. In terms of performing a duet, it would probably be Stevie Wonder.


What have you learnt from music?


All those years of graft, whether it be performing open MICs, gigs, weddings, birthdays, whatever the occasion might have been, playing to all those different crowds and all those different types of people have really helped me to learn how to hold an audience, how to perform and how to handle awkward situations on stage. It has taught me a lot and prepared me for the show and the rest of my career.

What do you want to gain from the Voice?


What I want to gain from the voice is ultimately exposure to myself as an artist and my music. Growing a fan base would be great and gaining a record deal would be cool! It’s a really big step in my career, it is a really big step forward and it is that opportunity that I have needed for a long time.

Are you happy to be in Jennifer’s Team?


Jennifer was on American Idol and she came 7th and look at her! Pretty sure she won another Grammy last week, so she did well!

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