The 3 Best Green Superfood Powders | Benefits & Recipes

When you are busy leading an active hectic lifestyle, it can be hard to get all your necessary vitamins and minerals. Even the most enthusiastic prepper can feel like they need a boost to take their nutrition to the next level.
Lucky for you, our latest Superfood Blends from our Active Women Range have that all taken care of. These blends of key vitamins and minerals are versatile enough to be added to a whole host of prep recipes but tailored towards your needs. Of course, the pre-made powder blend means you can take them as a simple shake on the go, as you would your normal protein blend. But if you want to get creative, here’s the low down on the latest blends, and our favourite ways to serve them up.

Wellness Superfood Blend

When you need a hand keeping on top of your wellness, this shake is ideal. It is a great source of vitamin C and vitamin B6, to boost your immune system. In addition, its copper content can help to regulate your hormones. Not only that, but copper can also aid healthy hair and skin pigmentation. It is also a good source of protein so you can use it post workout to help your muscles recover. It is all natural, using pea isolate and rice protein, so it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The Wellness Superblend boasts a sweet banana and coconut flavour. This makes it perfect for some tropical treats.

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Serving Suggestions


Upgrade your shakes by adding coconut milk for a creamier protein shake. To take it to the next level, add blitzed banana and freeze for an hour for a sundae style protein dessert. You can also add this to your juices to make them total all‐rounders when giving you your nutrients boost. Juice half a small pineapple, three carrots, and one large apple. Add a scoop of wellness powder, and enjoy the fantastic health benefits. Any excess juice can be stored in mason jars in your fridge or freezer.
To start your day of wellness right, you can add the Wellness Superblend to your overnight oats. This will give them a fantastic natural flavour and will fill you with nutrients before you face the day. For extra tropical flavour and texture, add dried coconut and mango pieces for a summery start.

Beauty Superfood Blend

In theory, exercise promotes a healthy appearance in your skin and hair. However, in practice, a consistent gym schedule and a busy lifestyle can leave you feeling that you look less than your best. Often, the lotions and potions we add to our skin seem to mask issues rather than solve them. By giving your body the nutrients it needs to repair itself, you’ll truly find yourself looking good from the inside out.
This nourishing blend is designed to promote healthy skin, hair and nails. The zinc content, in particular, helps you to maintain a healthy appearance. This is boosted by being a source of iodine and niacin, both of which promote healthy skin. This blend includes vanilla, acai and maqui berry. This gives it a natural, sweet berry taste.


Serving Suggestions


Blend some frozen red berries to add to your shake to maximise the flavour sensation. Plus, you’ll be adding a host of extra vitamins to your shake. The berry flavour of this blend also makes it prime for boosting your juices to the next level. Make a bulk of juice using one regular sized cucumber, half a broccoli, and two pears. Then add a scoop of your Beauty Superblend in and serve up. Any excess juice can be stored in a sealed mason jar in the fridge or freezer.
You can also use the blend to create your own easy (very instagrammable) acai bowl for breakfast or brunch at the weekend. Mix the blend with Greek yoghurt or low-fat vanilla yoghurt if you are craving extra sweetness. Then add chopped banana, steel cut oats and fresh berries and you’ve got yourself a meal with sky-high nutritional value.


Revitalising Superfood Blend

When you need an extra turbo charge, the Revitalising Superblend is there for you. This blend is naturally caffeinated with organic matcha, organic maca and organic wheatgrass, so it’s a powerhouse of energy. It makes an ideal shake before a workout so you can smash your reps, or as a post-workout pick‐me‐up.
Matcha has become a favourite among health-conscious gym goers. It is made from specially processed green tea leaves and is very popular for its amazing antioxidant benefits. This helps to flush out the toxins from your body and leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Antioxidants can also help to avoid inflammatory issues like heart disease.
This blend also includes vitamin C, folic acid, iron and zinc, so you’ll be primed to take on all the tasks that are facing you. It is a good source of protein and fibre – making it instantly satisfying and helping you to keep hunger at bay for longer. Revitalising Superblend has a sweet vanilla and matcha flavour, making it easy to add to many recipes.

Serving Suggestions


Make an all green zoats breakfast by combining a scoop of powder with your dish. Mix together half your usual overnight oats recipe (including half the liquid) and replace the other half with grated courgette. Sounds gross, but all you’ll taste is that sweet blend. Plus, you’ll have added all the extra nutrients of courgette so you’ll be at the next level of revitalisation.
Make your energy balls pop with power by adding a scoop of Revitalising Superblend to three scoops of oats, three tablespoons of peanut butter and a handful of raisins. You could also take your protein pancakes to the next level by whipping the blend with natural yoghurt to make a highly nutritious and tasty drizzle.

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