Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda: Q & A 


The ferocity of a power lifter with arguably one of the most aesthetically impressive natural physiques in the world, Musclemania Pro Natural Bodybuilder Simeon Panda is cut from a different cloth.

The 6’1, 104kg London born athlete who maintains a stage worthy defined physique all year round is an advocate for natural bodybuilding and an inspiration to fitness enthusiasts worldwide.


Q1) What Myprotein supplements do you use and how do they fall into your training regime?


Simeon says: 


“Before taking any supplements you should research them thoroughly to understand their benefits and if these benefits suit your goals. The supplements I take I have tried and tested over the years and found that they work best for me.

My main goals are to build mass and increase strength while maintaining a low body fat and detailed definition. The supplements I’ve found to aid these goals are:

Impact Whey Protein
Impact Whey Protein Isolate

With my focus being to remain lean, it is essential for me that when I supplement protein it is low in fat, carbs and sugar.


CreatineCreatine Monohydrate: Image 01

I have used Creatine Monohydrate for years, it was the first supplement I tried after Protein. I notice significant strength gains and increased durability in my workouts. Creatine can act to increase physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise; it can help improve strength and power.



With the intensity I train and the vigorous training frequency, HMB helps to prevent tssue break down and can increase lean mass gains by assisting tissue repair.”




Q2) What are Your Favourite Myprotein Flavours?


Simeon says: 


“My favourite flavours of Impact Whey Protein Isolate, ‘at the moment,’ are White Chocolate and the new Rum & Raisin.




Q3) If you could only perform one exercise forever – what would it be?


Simeon says: 


“Thinking practically, I’d want an exercise that would target as many muscles as possible through the movements, the best exercise that could do that would be the Clean, Squat and Press.

I never do this exercise, I’ve barely done it once, having to do it forever…wow.”


Clean squat press


Q4) Which would you choose:
A) 46” vertical leap B) 24” biceps or
C) 1000lb deadlift?


Simeon says: 


“Well a 46” jump would be cool, but will it come with basketball skills? Has 24” biceps ever looked good on anyone?

I’d need to be an absolute giant to look aesthetic and have any proportion whatsoever.

I’d take a 1000lb deadlift over the other two choices in a heartbeat… then I could go pound for pound with Myprotein ambassador Benedikt Magnusson!”


Benedikt Magnusson



Q5. What is your favourite body part and muscle group to train?


Simeon says: 


“My favourite body part to train has got to be back.

I attack all muscle groups with the same vigor and aggression, but there’s something about back day; rowing, lifting and pulling something heavy that just gets me that little bit more excited.”


Simeon Panda Back Day


Q6. What is the most under trained muscle in aspiring bodybuilders and gym goers?


Simeon says: 


“Calves! That stubborn body part may actually not be that stubborn.

I think the main reason calves have a tendency to be lagging behind for so many people, is because they are treated like other muscle groups, and aren’t trained anywhere near the frequency required for them to truly grow.

I used to train calves just once a week on legs day, and while following this routine calves remained almost non-existent. I then decided that I would devote a short amount of time after almost every training session to attack my calves… hey presto!



After a good few years, I now have calves. They’re not to biggest but the method is working, they’re growing, and with patience and continuous effort they will get where I want them to be!”



Q7. What is the most over trained body part and muscle group in gym goers?


Simeon says: 


“Well it’s not legs… that’s for sure!

The most over trained body part in gyms is undisputedly chest, the bench press is the most sought after station of every gym.”




Q8. What do you think is the most common mistake made by gym goers?


Simeon says: 


“The most common mistaken by gym goers is assuming they can achieve the physique of their idols in less than half the time it actually took, then becoming disheartened when they do not get what they expect.

By all means, have people that inspire you, but do not set your watch by the time it took them to attain their goals, it may take longer or maybe even quicker for you. Try not to be disheartened about slow gains, anything worth having takes time and requires patience.”




A Take Home Message

There you have it folks!

We’d like to thank Simeon for taking the time to complete this question and answer with us!

Hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two from Simeon and are going away with some motivation and inspiration.



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