Strawberry Quinoa Porridge


Strawberry Quinoa Porridge



Looking for some new breakfast ideas? This quinoa porridge is the perfect solution… that’s right quinoa!


If you haven’t heard of quinoa before, quinoa is a grain crop that is grown for its edible seeds. When you find quinoa in your local supermarket it will look like a bag of tiny beads! Quinoa is a good source of protein and a wheat free alternative to other grains with a good amino acid profile- containing all 9 essential amino acids!


So whether your vegetarian, vegan or just looking to increase your protein at breakfast try this easy peasy quinoa porridge recipe!





Here’s what you’ll need:


25g of dry quinoa

1 scoop of strawberry and cream soy protein isolate

150ml of light soy milk

10 drops of Myprotein Strawberry flavdrops

50g of frozen berries



Breakfast quinoa




Step One


Start by cooking your quinoa as directed on the back of the pack. This will entail boiling the quinoa for around 15 minutes.


Breakfast quinoa


Step Two


Once cooked add 150ml of soy milk and stir well.


Breakfast quinoa


Add 1 scoop of Soy isolate protein (Strawberries and cream flavour) and 50g of berries (Frozen or fresh)


Breakfast quinoa


Step Three


Add 7-10 drops of Myprotein strawberry flavdrops, mix well and enjoy!


Breakfast quinoa


Breakfast quinoa


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