Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals | Salmon Stir-Fry and 7 Calorie Noodles

With our expanding range of healthier alternatives, this filling salmon stir-fry is an ideal serving suggestion for our zero-sugar My Noodles.

This delicious dish is quick, simple to make and can be eaten hot or cold!


– 150g Vegetable Stir Fry

– 1 Salmon Fillet (140g)

– ½ tsp Myprotein’s Coconpure coconut oil

– 5ml Hot Sauce

– 1 Pack Myprotein’s My Noodles


1) Heat the coconut oil in a pan and cook to the Salmon on a medium heat for 15 minutes

2) Then add the Stir fry veg and add the hot sauce

3) Remove the noodles from the package and wash in cold water then heat in the microwave for 2 minutes

4) Once salmon is cooked add everything together with salt and pepper and serve!


Calories – 340

Protein – 28g

Carbs – 8g

Fat – 20g (healthy fats)

… Enjoy!


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