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Rugby World Cup Recipes | Healthy Southern Fried Chicken & Sweet Potato Chips

Enjoy your favourite games whilst avoiding packing on the pounds during the Rugby World Cup.

Our Healthy Southern Fried Chicken & Sweet Potato Chips Recipe can be prepared for friends and family, in addition to spicing up your usual meal prep!


– 1 Sweet potato

– 1 Chicken Breast

– 30g Chopped Nuts (feel free to choose what you like)

– 50g Myprotein Instant Oats

– Cayenne pepper

– 1 Cal spray

– 1 Egg


1) Firstly start by cutting the sweet potato into wedges.

2) Lay them on a greased baking tray spray with 1 cal spray then sprinkle with cayenne pepper and salt.

3) Place in the oven on 180 °C for 25-30 minutes.


4) Cut the chicken breast into slices and roll in some instant oats.

5) Then whisk the egg and roll the chicken until all areas are covered.

6) Combine the chopped nuts and instant oats and roll the egg-covered chicken in the mixture.

7) Place on a baking 1 cal spray lined baking tray and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

8) Place in the oven on 180 °C for 20 – 25 minutes!


Calories – 429

Carbs – 45g

Fat – 16g

Protein – 24g

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