Rugby World Cup Recipes | Healthy Cheesy Popcorn Bites


These cheesy popcorn bites are insanely addictive and simple to make with only 3 ingredients.

…You will never miss a minute when catching the game!


– 1 share-pack of slightly salted popcorn

40g Myprotein High-protein, Low-fat cheese

– Sprinkle of cayenne pepper


1) Grate the cheese into a microwavable bowl and heat until melted

2) Empty in the popcorn, sprinkle with cayenne pepper and mix together quickly

3) Once a large ball is formed take a pinch of the mixture press together and roll in your palms

4) Work quickly as the cheese will start to set then place on a baking tray

5) Once all the mixture has been separated into balls place in the fridge for 10-15 mins to set then serve

They are also delicious dipped in BBQ sauce!


(Based on 8 servings)

Calories – 27

Fat – 2g

Carbs – 2g

Protein – 2g


Gemma Amery

Gemma Amery

Writer and expert

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