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Puffed Wheat Protein Bar Recipe

Puffed Wheat Protein Bar


These puffed wheat protein bars are no make and super handy for a quick breakfast or a handy snack when you’re on the go! Combining carbohydrates, healthy fats with protein makes these bars the ultimate post workout treat, especially for those cardio days!




To make a puffed wheat protein bar you’ll need the ingredients listed below… looks a lot but it’s really not. You can vary up this recipe using different flavoured protein powder, different alternatives to milk and variations of dried fruit and nuts but as an essential you’ll need a pack of gelatine!


100g of puffed wheat

50g of oats

1 scoop of Myprotein chocolate nut impact whey, 1 scoop of vanilla impact whey (The second scoop can be any complimentary flavour or just another scoop of chocolate nut)

1 pack of gelatine

120ml of almond milk

50g of dried fruit (I used dried dates, sultanas and dried cranberries)

1 tablespoon of sunflower or other seeds

25g of chopped nuts

2 tablespoons of dark chocolate chips.



Puffed Wheat Protein Bars




Step One


In a pan heat your almond milk and add the gelatine mixture.

Stir continuously until all the gelatine is dissolved.


Puffed Wheat Protein Bars


Step Two


To your almond milk stir in your two scoops of impact whey.

Add the puffed wheat and oats and stir in until mixed thoroughly.


Puffed Wheat Protein Bars


Step Three


Add your dried fruit, nuts, seeds and chocolate chips and mix well.


Puffed Wheat Protein Bars


Step 4


Line a deep square tray with baking paper and spoon in your mixture.

Press down ad best you can with a spoon or fork and place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.


Puffed Wheat Protein Bars


The Eating


Remove the tray from the freezer and cut into handy bars!


Puffed Wheat Protein Bars

Puffed Wheat Protein Bars




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