Protein Desserts

Vegan Protein Pudding | Banana & Sweet potato

Vegan Protein Pudding |
Banana & Sweet Potato


By Anna Sward of

If you’re looking for the perfect protein-packed dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further than this vegan and vegetarian friendly recipe guaranteed to hit the spot!




– 60ml cartoned coconut milk


– 30g Myprotein pea protein powder


– 1 small banana


– 15g sweet potato puree


– 16g peanut butter


– ½ tbsp toffee flavdrops


– 20ml agave or calorie-free pancake syrup (optional)





1) Blend all ingredients together.


2) Sprinkle with some cinnamon and top with agave syrup or pancake syrup if you like your puddings sweeter.


3) Enjoy!



Macros per bowl 


(out of two small ones, without the agave as this is optional):  


Calories – 167

Protein – 16g

Carbs – 17g

Fat – 5g


… Enjoy!


Protein banana pudding



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