Protein Mojito Mocktail

If you are trying to stay alcohol free this festive season, give our Protein Mojito Mocktail a try.

It is low sugar, high protein and tastes like the real thing without the sore head the next morning!




– 1 Bottle of Myprotein sour apple Protein water (20g of Protein)

– 1 Lime

– 150ml Soda Water

– 6 Mint leaves (5 chopped 1 left whole to top the drink)

– Crushed Ice




a) Take your protein water and pour half into a mixing jug


b) Squeeze the juice from 1 lime and chopped the mint leaves


c) Pour in the soda water and stir


Fill up a glass with crushed ice and pour over the mocktail – mix and enjoy!


Protein Mojito Mocktail



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Gemma Amery

Gemma Amery

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