Protein Cookie Shake

Protein Cookie Shake


Craving a cookie but want to save on the calories? All you’ll need to satisfy that sweet tooth is a bag of Myprotein cookies and cream impact whey and a few extra ingredients!





This shake is perfect for your cookie craving and even makes a delicious post workout protein shake!


All you’ll need is:


400ml of almond, skimmed or soya milk.

1/8 tsp baking soda

1 scoop or 30g of Myprotein impact whey cookies and cream flavour.

A table spoon of sweetener or stevia.

1 tablespoon of peanut butter

One small frozen banana (doesn’t have to be frozen but makes a colder thicker smoothie).

2 tablespoons of greek yogurt

1 handful of raw oats (optional)

Dark Chocolate Chips (optional)



The Preparation


Combine all the ingredients except your chocolate chips in a blender or food processed and blend until completely mixed to form a smooth cold protein shake!


Pour into your favourite Myprotein shaker and sprinkle on some dark chocolate chips!




Protein Cookie Shake



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