High Protein Snacks

Protein Coffee and Walnut Muffins with Protein Frosting

For these Protein Coffee and Walnut Muffins you will need:-

Wholemeal strong flour, 50 g
My Protein – Mocha Hot Drink, 2 scoop
Self-Raising Flour, 150 g
Baking Powder, 5 g
Sweetener, 10 g
Margarine, 75 g
Eggs – 3 medium
Semi-skimmed Milk, 30 ml
Cocoa Nibs, 2 tsp (5g)
Walnuts – 30 g


For Frosting:-


Cream Cheese, 10 g
My Protein – Mocha Hot Drink, 1 scoop
Sweetener, 5 g
Cinnamon, ground, 0.5 tsp
Honey, 1 tbsp



protein muffins





Firstly turn on the oven to 180 degrees and put your muffin cases into the tray.


Let’s get started!


Add all dry ingredients to the bowl – Wholemeal strong flour, Self-raising flour, Mocha Protein, Baking Powder and Sweetener.


Next add the wet ingredients –


Margarine, Eggs and semi skimmed milk. Mix all together if the mixture is very thick pore in more milk a bit at a time. Try to beat a lot of air into the mix with an electric whisk or wooden spoon by hand.
Lastly stir in the coco nibs and walnuts and put the mix evenly into the muffin cases, put into the oven for 12 to 15 minutes.
Take out once they are risen and golden, place on a cooling rack.



Once the muffins are cooled, make the frosting –


Put all ingredient into a bowl and mix together, you are trying to achieve a frosting like consistency, if the mix is too wet add more mocha protein and if it’s too dry add milk a little at a time.



protein muffins



Macros – Per Serving


Calories – 166g
Carbs – 17g
Fat – 8g
Protein – 8g
Sugar – 2g


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