High Protein Snacks

Protein Coconut Bites


Protein Coconut Bites





You will need:-

Splender – 10 grams
Myprotein – Impact Whey Isolate Vanilla, 50 g
Coconut – Desiccated, 25 g
Myprotein Kamut Flour, 75 g
Self Raising Flour, 75 g
Myprotein – Coconut Oil 35 g
Baking Powder, 5 g
Myprotein – MCT Powder, 15 g
Myprotein Smooth – Milk Protein Smooth, 30 grams
Honey, 2 tbsp



coconut bites




Firstly add boiling water to the desiccated coconut just enough to reach the top of the coconut and leave to one side to soak up the water.


Add all dry mix to the bowl – self raising flour, Kamut flour, Vanilla isolate, Milk whey smooth, Splender and Baking powder.
coconut bites





Add all the wet mix, to a bowl put the coconut pure and melt in the microwave for a few seconds, once melted add the honey and soaked coconut along with any left over water into the mix and combine together.
Add the wet and dry together and 2 table spoons more of cold water and mix thoroughly into a dough ball, if it feels dry continue to add water a table spoon at a time until it makes a firm but not brittle dough.



coconut bites




Take a tea spoon full of the dough, roll into a ball place on a greased baking tray. Once you have filled your tray, press the balls flat, put into the oven on a medium heat (around 180) for around 10 to 12 minutes, keep a close eye on them as they won’t take long and remove once they are golden brown.


coconut Protein bites





Freeze half the dough mixture to use at a later date.

Macros (Based on 30 made) each bite contains:-

Calories – 57
Carbs – 5
Fat – 3
Protein – 3
Sugar – 1




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