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Protein Apple Crumble Recipe


Protein Apple Crumble Recipe


Now that Autumn is well and truly here we thought we’d keep you sane on those rainy days with this unbeatable protein apple crumble recipe! But wait the main ingredient in apple crumble is sugar right? – Well not this time! With no added sugar this recipe is the perfect healthy treat!




To make this warm classic protein pudding you’ll need Myprotein Kamut flour, a healthy natural flour that is higher in protein than normal refined flour (can be used to make bread and other baked goods), Myprotein impact whey protein, coconpure coconut oil and for that added apple taste some apple Myprotein Flavdrops. Here’s what else you’ll need:


For the Filling:


2 medium cooking apples

3 heaped tablespoons of sweetener

5-7 drops of Myprotein Apple flavdrops

200ml of boiling water


For the Crumble:


1 scoop of Myprotein kamut flour

2 tablespoons of Myprotein all natural crunchy peanut butter

3 tablespoons of sweetener

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

2 teaspoons of coconpure coconut oil

1 scoop of Myprotein vanilla casein

1 scoop of Myprotein apple crumble and custard protein powder (use 2 scoops if you don’t have casein).


The Preparation

I’m no whizz in the kitchen but it’s easy to get creative with this simple recipe!


Step One


Start by preheating the oven to 160 degrees Celsius.

Peel and chop your cooking apples and add them to a pan with 150-200ml of boiling water.

Add three heaped tablespoons of sweetener, bring to the boil for around 5 minutes until the apple pieces are super soft and mushy.

Add your Myprotein apple Flavdrops now.


Step Two


While your apples are on the boil, add your dry ingredients, Protein powder, Kamut flour, cinnamon and sweetener and mix with your hands.

Add 2 large heaped tablespoons of Myprotein crunchy peanut butter (you can add three if you want a more nutty topping) and 2 teaspoons of coconpure.


Step Three


Mix the oil and peanut butter into the dry mix, and using your fingers begin rubbing the the peanut butter into the flour and protein powder.

From your cooked apple filling add 3 tablespoons of the liquid in the pan, and continue rubbing with your fingers until you have a crumble consistency.


Step Four


Add your apple filling to a oven dish and place the crumble on the top.


Protein Apple Crumble Recipe


Protein Apple Crumble Recipe


The Cooking


Place in the oven for 20-25 minutes.


Protein Apple Crumble Recipe


The Eating


Dish up this amazing dish into a bowl and enjoy on its own or with some protein dessert or Greek Yogurt.


Protein Apple Crumble Recipe


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