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Prawn Burgers Recipe

Low Carb Prawn Burgers


Sick of the same boring meal prep? Eating healthily certainly should not be boring, so we’ve got some low carb recipes to liven up the usual Tupperware torture! These prawn burgers are easy to make and super low in fat and carbs!




All you’ll need is:

150g of Prawns

Half a Red Onion

Half a red Pepper

A handful of spinach

Fresh chopped herbs

Garlic, salt and pepper

Feta Cheese (optional)


prawn burgers




Add defrosted cooked prawns or fresh raw peeled prawns with herbs and seasonings to a food processor. Pulse the prawns slightly, making sure not to fully blend the prawns.


Chop up your veggies and add to the prawn mix.



The Cooking


To a pan, add coconut oil or 1kcal oil spray. Allow the pan to heat and add the raw patties to the pan.

Let each side cook until brown, if using cooked defrosted prawns this should take a matter of minutes!


prawn burgers



The Eating


Add your burgers to large baked mushrooms or a bed of salad and spinach and enjoy!


prawn burgers





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