Muffin Mix Video from Myprotein

In this video, Myprotein chef Si Roshdy gives you a demonstration of how quick and easy it is to make delicious tasting protein muffins with our exciting new muffin mix. So if you have a friend that is a regular gym goer and would hate the idea of ruining his or her diet with birthday cake, why not make them a delicious batch of high protein muffins.

If you have any suggestions for future recipes or videos you would like to see from Si, please leave us a comment in the appropriate section below.

How to use our new muffin mix

If you enjoyed this video and want to now have a go at baking your own protein muffins you can great deals on muffin mix and coconpure. If you do bake some muffins then please do leave a review and let us know how they tased, either comment on this post or on the protein muffins page. By leaving a review you will automatically be entered into our fantastic monthly prize draw.

Ingredients list

  • 2 scoops of Myprotein Muffin Mix
  • 30 gms Coconpure
  • 100mls milk


muffin mix



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