Raspberry Rascal MYPRE Workout Mocktail

Have you tried out brand new pre-workout? This year at Myprotein we’ve been spending a lot of time in the lab developing our brand new, innovative pre-workout formula, MYPRE.

Mypre is by far the most explosive and powerful workout you will come across, with 400mg of caffeine, 3g of beta alanine, 4 different types of creatine and 4g of BCAA’s per 2 scoop serving.

Check out this new Raspberry Rascal Mypre Workout Mocktail- a great source of protein, amino acids and natural sugars before a workout.


– 1 bottle – mixed berry protein water

– Handful of fresh raspebrries

– Handful of ice

– 1 scoop of MYPRE blue raspberry


a) Take all ingredients and add them to your Myprotein shaker.

b) Using a hand blender, blits all the incredients until all the raspberries are blended!

c) Screw on the shaker lid and that’s it- Easily done!

Enjoy and now off to the gym!

Raspberry Rascal MYPRE Workout Mocktail

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