Meal Prep | Chicken, Omelette and Avocado


A simple, but delicious food combination created for added interest and ease to your meal prepping plans!

This Chicken, Omelette and Avocado Meal Prep takes less than 30 minutes to make and can save valuable time, if made in bulk.




– 250g Chicken Breast


– 50g Avocado


– x2 Eggs


– Almond Milk


– Hot Sauce (See The Zone for recipe)


– Mixed Fruit and Nut


– Chicken & Vegetable stock broth –  Get recipe here!




Part 1

1) Cook your chicken breast following on the package and allow to cool


2) Slice the avocado


3) Mix the 2 eggs with Almond or cow’s milk and pan fry with salt and pepper then leave to cool


Once everything is cool put in a Tupperware box with a tbsp or two of hot sauce!


Part 2

Mixed Fruit and Nut, Reduced Sugar alternative is use whole nut packets

– Myprotein Almonds

– Myprotein Walnuts

– Myprotein Cashew Nuts


Part 3

Chicken and vegetable stock broth – Get recipe here!



Combined Macros


Calories – 763

Carbs – 23g

Fat – 37g

Protein – 79g

Sugar – 12g


… Enjoy!


Meal Prep | Chicken, Omelette and Avocado

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