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Marinated Chicken and Baked Egg Recipe


Marinated chicken with Baked Egg Peppers and Asparagus Spears



Looking for a tasty high protein meal? Don’t just stick to the same old boring meals! Here at Myprotein we’re constantly coming up with new ways for you to enjoy your nutrition! Being fit means eating real food! Check out this delicious marinated chicken and baked egg recipe!




You will need:-

Chicken breast

1 tsp – Curry Powder

2 Tbsp – Fat Free natural yogurt

1 inch of grated ginger

1 Red Pepper

1 Egg

Handful of spinach

x6 Slices of honey roasted ham

2 tsp Cream Cheese

6 Asparagus spears

Marinated Chicken and Baked Egg Recipe




Step one


Firstly start by making the marinade for the chicken, dice the chicken breast and mix the Yogurt, Grated ginger and Curry powder together and leave in the fridge, this can be made up in advanced and left in the fridge overnight.


Step Two


Next, cut the pepper in half leaving the whole stem on the side you want to use, add this to boiling water for 5 minutes then remove from the water drain off any excess and add the spinach and crack in the egg on the top.


Step 3


Take 3 slices of Ham and spread 1 tea spoon of cream cheese over them , place the 3 spears in the centre and roll. Place on the same baking try as the pepper and put the tray in the oven on a medium heat (around 180 degrees), cook until vegetables are tender and egg is cooked to desired constancy.


Marinated Chicken and Baked Egg Recipe


Step 4


Lastly take the marinated chicken from the fridge spray a frying pan with 1 Cal Spray oil and cook the chicken thoroughly.




Marinated Chicken and Baked Egg Recipe



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