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Low-Carb Meals | Red Pepper and Mascarpone Fettuccine

This vegetarian dish is a really rich tasty meal with a creamy fulfilling sauce –  for a meat dish chicken would be a delicious accompaniment.


– 1 pack of My Fettuccine Pasta

– ¼ Jar Blackened Red Peppers or 1 whole fresh red pepper

– ¼ pack of Mascarpone Cheese

– ½ Garlic Clove

– ½ Small onion

– 1 cup of Green beans


1) To start slice the onion and crush the garlic and add to a low cal sprayed pan, cook until slightly soft (if using fresh red pepper add this slices too)

2) Next add the green beans and blacken peppers and cook for a further 10 minutes

3) Remove your fettuccine pasta from the package and wash with clean water

4) Lastly add the mascarpone and pasta and mix together until hot

And serve!


Calories – 300

Carbs – 21g

Fat – 10g

Protein – 5g

… Enjoy!

my fettuccine


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