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Meal Prep | Low-Carb Lunch Prepping Idea

Our low carb lunch prepping idea contains succulent chicken breast, smooth avocado and summer greens with a mix of crunchy nuts for a delicious combination.

Mix and match for any meal time according to your goals!




Box one:


✓ Chicken Breast

✓ Avocado

✓ Mixed Salad


Box two:


✓ Myprotein Cashew Nuts

✓ Myprotein Walnuts Nuts

✓ Myprotein Brazil Nuts

✓ Myprotein Almond Nuts



Box Three:


✓ Frozen or fresh Green Beans with olive oil


The macros for this recipe depend of the amounts you serve yourself depending on what your calorie allowance for the day!



Healthy Snack Lunch




Gemma Amery

Gemma Amery

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