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Low Carb Chicken Pasta Recipe

Low Carb Chicken Pasta

Looking for a veggie-filled chicken pasta alternative? We’ve got the perfect recipe! Chicken zucchini pasta is full of vegetable goodness and extra low in carbs and fat! Not to mention its so simple to make!




So here’s what you’ll need, but feel free to add more of your favourite veggies! 1 courgette / zucchini 1 chicken breast Chopped tomatoes Clove of garlic Handful of spinach 1 onion Half a yellow pepper



Low Carb Chicken Pasta

The Preparation


Start by chopping up your chicken and veggies. Using a cheese grater grate a whole courgette/zucchini.


Low Carb Chicken Pasta

The Cooking


Using coconut oil or a low calorie oil spray cook your chicken and vegetables in a pan, adding seasoning and fresh herbs as desired.


Low Carb Chicken Pasta


Once cooked, stir in your grated courgette, leave to stand for a minute and serve!


The Eating!

Enjoy your extra low carb healthy chicken pasta with a piece of homemade protein pizza or protein flatbread!


Low Carb Chicken Pasta


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