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Healthy Lunches | Leek and Potato Soup


A quick and simple soup dish that can be made in bulk and frozen in serving sizes for an ideal go to meal if your fridge it looking bare!

This Leek and Potato soups has a delicious, rich flavour with a little something extra with added chicken stock!





– 500g Leeks Raw (sliced)


– 300g New potatoes


– 1 Tbsp Olive oil


– 1 cup Chicken Stock


– Boiling water


– Salt and Pepper






a) To a hot pan add the oil and leeks allow to sweat for 10 minutes and slightly colour


b) Add the potatoes and chicken stock along with boiling water that will just cover the vegetables


c) Add a lid to the pan and cook on a medium heat until the potatoes are soft


d) With a hand blender, blitz until smooth and portion into Tupperware boxes.





(based on 5 servings)


Calories – 142

Fat – 6g

Protein – 8g

Carbs – 14g


… Enjoy!


Leek and Potato Soup

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