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Learn how to make these Cucumber Sushi Rolls

Great as a delicious snack or a healthy lunch!


1/2 Avocado (Mashed)

2 Tbs Red Peppers (Chopped into small cubes)

2 Tbs Yellow Peppers (Chopped into small cubes)

2 Tbs Cooked Quinoa

3 Strips of Cucumber

1 Spring Onion


1) Cut the strips of cucumber with a potato peeler.

2) Cut the avocado, scoop out half and mash until a smooth paste.

3) Add the peppers and quinoa.

4) Mix all together with salt and pepper until a sticky consistency.

5) Take a cucumber strip and spoon on some of the avocado mixture and spread down evenly.

6) Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

Note: you can use a cocktail stick to support the roll!

Macros per serving

Makes 6 rolls

Calories – 54

Protein – 2g

Carbs – 7g

Fat – 2g

Sugar – 0g

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