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High-Protein Puds | 4 Quick & Easy Pudding Recipes | By Myprotein Athlete Courtney Black


By Courtney Black | Myprotein Athlete

Personal Trainer & Bikini Competitor

I have a passion for fitness, eating well and just experiencing the good things in life. I used to compete in Latin dancing up until I was about 15 and have always had a dance background but recently fell in love with the gym and eating well.

I love creating new recipes (especially desserts as I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth!) and finding out how to replace certain less healthy ingredients in recipes with clean, healthy substitutes rather than eliminating foods that I love. I find when I try to completely cut things out of my diet, it just makes me want to have them even more, but when I can have them I don’t seem to crave them as much – I’m sure your all the same!

Below are my top high protein treats that I love to make!

#1 Peanut Butter Protein Mug-cake

Personally, this recipe is my favourite recipe to cure my sweet cravings. It takes no longer than 5 minutes to prep and cook and the macros are amazing.


– 1 scoop Impact Whey Protein – Vanilla flavour (any flavour works well with this recipe)

– 1 tbsp Peanut butter

– 10g almond flour

– Dash of almond milk

– ½ tsp baking powder

– 1 egg white

Zero sugar MYSYRUP – Unlimited Maple syrup!


1) In a mug mix together the whey protein, almond flour, egg white, baking powder and almond milk. (or use a blender)

2) In a separate mug put the peanut butter at the bottom of the mug and then pour the mixture on top. (You could also drop the nut butter into the mixture depending on what works best for you)

3) Microwave for roughly 60 seconds (but keep checking in case the mixture rises above your mug!)

4) Tip the mug upside down into a bowl.

5) Top with the zero syrup and enjoy!

Macrospeanut butter protein mug cake

Calories: 235

Protein: 30g

Carbs: 4g

Fats: 11g

You can make so many different mug cake variations…

From chocolate-chip mug cakes to summery mug cakes with berries or warm fruit inside. Tasty!

#2 Protein French toast


(for 1 serving):

– 2 slices of Myprotein high protein bread

– 5g ‘Cinnamon Danish’ flavour Impact Whey Protein 

– 15g Myprotein almond butter

– 60g Raspberries

– 60g Blueberries (or any other topping!)

– Dash of almond milk (Unsweetened)

– 1 egg white

– Low calorie cooking spray

– 1 tbsp Stevia


1) Mix together in a bowl the egg white, almond milk, whey protein and stevia and soak the protein bread in the mixture for about a minute.

(I usually find it easier to soak the bread if you cut each slice in half first- it also makes it easier when frying!)

2) Pre heat the frying pan and coat with the fry light spray (You can use coconut oil instead if you prefer a crispier outside/ have enough fat macros left but I prefer to save my fats for more nut butter!) and place each slice of toast in the pan. Fry each side until golden brown.

3) Once cooked, top with the berries and nut butter.


Calories: 482

Protein: 43g

Carbs: 45g

Fats: 15g

#3 Warming banana pecan proats


– 60g Rolled oats

– 1 scoop Impact Whey Protein – Pecan Flavour

– 250-300ml almond milk

– 1 Medium banana

Zero sugar MYSYRUP – Butterscotch/maple flavour


1) Simply mix the oats and protein powder in a microwavable bowl and add enough almond milk as you would when preparing normal oats.

2) Chop up 30g banana and mix it into the oat mix (so when microwaved this goes warm.)

3) Mix in a couple of squirts of syrup for extra flavour.

4) Microwave for up to 2 minutes on medium high (stir every 30 seconds or so, so the outsides do not burn and the protein powder doesn’t start to sit.)

5) Top with the remaining banana and more zero syrup!

Macrosprotein winter warmer pecan oats

Calories: 390

Protein: 27g

Carbs: 51g

Fats: 7g

Protein oats has definitely got to be one of the most quick and easy versatile food choices!

Try with any flavour protein – any topping, different milks and syrup flavours!

#4 Peanut butter banana-muffin bread


– 200g Myprotein muffin mix 

– 10g Coconpure coconut oil

– 3 drops of Myprotein FlavDrops (Banana flavour)

– 2 tbsp Peanut butter

– Almond milk (as recommended on mix packet)

– 1 tbsp stevia

– ½ banana


1) Mix together the dry ingredients (muffin mix and stevia) and add in the almond milk (200ml) and melted coconut oil.

2) Then add in 3 drops of the banana flav drops and mix until smooth (or use a blender)

3) Get a baking dish or cake tin and coat the inside with some sort of oil to stop the mix from cooking (or butter) or use a layer of baking paper or tin foil.

4) Pour in half of the mixture.

5) Then, apply the layer of peanut butter, so when the mixture is cooked the peanut butter is warm in the middle.

6) Pour the second half of the mixture.

7) Top with sliced banana and bake for 12-20 minutes until golden brown and cooked thoroughly.

8) Wait until the cake has cooled down and chop into slices.


(For entire cake, makes 6 large slices):

Calories: 183

Protein: 14g

Carbs: 14g

Fats: 8g

protein banana bread and muffin mix

Take Home Message

There are so many different ways to make a healthy version of your favourite recipe!

I know how hard it can be to eat clean and not tuck into a massive pot of Ben and Jerry’s at 2am when you’re craving sugar (been there done that!)

Try these and begin experimenting with a variety of flavours!

Instagram: @courtneydblack

Twitter: @_CourtneyBlack_


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