High Protein Lunch Recipe | Tuna & Avocado Slices


Tuck into this high protein lunch and you will not feel hungry until dinner. Our tuna & avocado slices are packed with protein and contain a good mix of fat and carbs – this is must have on the lunch menu!


Calories: 646          Protein: 70g          Fat: 26g          Carbs: 35g          Sugar: 6g      


2 Slices High Protein Bread

1 Can tinned tuna

½ Avocado


1) Toast the high protein bread.

2) Dice half the avocado into little cubes.

3) Open tuna and mix with avocado.

(OPTIONAL) Tbsp Coconpure Coconut Oil for spreading on the toast.

4) Add tuna mix to top of toast and serve.

Tip: sprinkle with chilli to give it that extra kick.

… Enjoy!

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