Healthy Snacks | Quinoa Cheese Bites

Bored of eating quinoa the same way everyday? Here’s something different to try… Our delicious Quinoa Cheese Bites fried in coconut oil only needs 3 ingredients!

Once you’ve have tucked into these there is no going back!

Try adding them to a salad, accompany a portion of vegetables, place on a kebab stick with mushrooms… Variety is endless!




– 100g Quinoa (cooked)


50g Myprotein Protein Cheese


– 25g Myprotein Coconut Oil




a) Once you have cooked your quinoa (if you have bought precooked – heat it up slightly) while still warm mix together with your grated cheese and scoop into ball shapes then leave in the fridge to set hard


b) To a hot frying pan add the coconut oil and allow to melt, place the hard cheese balls into the pan then turn down the heat to medium – let the bites become brown on one side before turning until all sides are golden brown


Note: Do not turn the balls over until they form a good golden crust on one side this ensures they won’t crumble in the pan


Macros (per cheese ball)


Calories – 67

Protein – 3g

Fat – 3g

Carbs – 3g


… Enjoy!


Healthy Snacks | Quinoa Cheese Bites



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