Healthy Snack Recipes | No-Bake Cacao Fruit & Nut Bars


Our no-bake Cacao Fruit & Nut bars are perfect on-the-go snacks.
These quick and easy treats can be made as part of your meal prep or a delicious addition to the kid’s lunchboxes!


Calories: 313          Protein: 17g          Fat: 20g          Carbs: 16g          Sugar: 8g      


50g Organic Cacao Liquor Buttons

25g Protein Hot Chocolate

1 Tbs Triple Nut Butter

15g Super Berries Mix

10g Protein Crispies

Cashew nuts 


1) Grease mould.

2) Measure out cacao buttons and melt in the microwave.

3) Add one scoop of protein hot chocolate mix and triple nut butter – mix and pour into mould.

4) Chop cashew nuts and press them into the mix.

5) Add super berries and protein crispies.

6) Put in fridge to set.

…Remove from mould and enjoy!


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