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Guest Recipes | Roast Pork Fillet and Vegetables

Roast pork fillet and vegetables

By MyProtein Writer Eloise Mitsides


Contrary to popular belief, given you select your cut of meat wisely – lean pork meat contains less fat than chicken breast!

Pork fillet is now widely available and reasonably priced, making this delicious, protein-packed recipe the perfect week night dinner to prepare!




Serves: 2-3:

–  400g lean pork fillet

–  Dried Thyme

–  1 garlic clove, minced

–  1 yellow pepper

–  1 green pepper

–  1 courgette

–  1 small red onion

–  Extra Virgin Spray Olive Oil

–  Smoked Paprika




1)   Taking the pork fillet, cover with the crushed garlic clove and sprinkled dried thyme.


2)  Seal the fillet in foil (an inner layer of greaseproof paper helps keep the meat moist) and roast for 40 minutes approx. at 190 degrees Celsius.


3)  Meanwhile, slice the mixed vegetables and place in a baking tray on a layer of greaseproof paper.


4)  Spray with olive oil and sprinkle with smoked paprika (this adds a great flavor to the veg).


5)  After the pork has roasted for 15 minutes, roast the veg with the meat for the remaining 25 minutes.


6)  Once cooked, slice the fillet and serve with vegetables.




If you prefer a little spicier, substitute the smoked paprika for a touch of cayenne pepper; this spice is also proven as a metabolism booster as well as adding excellent flavour to the dish!




Roast pork and vegetables



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