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Healthy Myprotein Protein Pizza Recipe



Here at Myprotein we don’t believe living a healthy lifestyle should mean giving up all your usual favourites and trading them in for plain chicken and rice. That’s why we’ve developed some fantastic protein shortcuts, including our new Myprotein flatbread mix.


When relating to healthy eating bread is sometimes described as the “devil” and sometimes fitness enthusiasts avoid carbohydrates like the plague, but with our new protein flat bread mix you can get up to 31.8g of protein per 100g serving. What’s even better, not only can this mix be used to create flat bread for appetisers that go great with dips like salsa and hummus but you can also use the mix to make a fantastic protein pizza.



Step One: Making the Pizza Base


Thanks to our Myprotein flatbread mix, making the pizza base really couldn’t get any easier!

First of all start by pre-heating the oven to 200 degrees celcius.

To a bowl, add three full scoops of the Myprotein flatbread mix.

To the flatbread powder add 120-150ml of warm water and a tablespoon of olive oil.

Mix the water, oil and flatbread mix with a fork until it forms a consistent homogenous mixture.

Once mixed, add the mix to a non-stick round or square cake tin and bake for 4-6 minutes.


protein pizza





Step Two: Chose Your Toppings!


After 4-6 minutes, remove the tray from the oven. The mix should look partially cooked and a light beige in colour.

Now it’s time for the exciting part- choosing your pizza toppings!

First of all add a tomato base, this can be tomato puree, pasta sauce or for less sugar a home-made sauce made from passata .

Then let the pizza be your canvas! You can add any variety of vegetables and meat to suit your taste buds, but limiting how much cheese you add and sticking to vegetables and lean meat like chicken or small quantities of red meat should keep the pizza healthy and well within your macros.


Protein Pizza




Step 3: Cook and Cut!


Place the pizza in the oven for a further ten minutes and the VIOLA- there you have it a protein pizza! So head down to the site now where there is currently 30% Myprotein protein flatbread mix. Get creative and Enjoy!


Protein Pizza


protein pizza



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