Healthy Meals

Healthy Meals | Grass-Fed Burger and Crispy Carrot Chips

Grass-fed burgers are succulent and lean – perfect for a tasty, macro-friendly “treat.”

Accompany them with carrot fries and mixed salad for a fulfilling, low-carb meal!


– 2 Grass Fed Burgers

– 3 Medium Carrots

– Mixed salad

– 1 tsp Myprotein Coconut Oil


1) First start by cooking the burgers in a frying pan on a medium heat, using the coconut oil.

2) While the burgers are cooking cut the carrots into strips and place them around the outsides of the burgers.

3) Continue cooking both while making your salad and turning the burgers and carrots to cook on all sides.

4) The burgers will be ready before the carrots – once the burgers are browned on both sides remove from the pan and place to one side.

5) Turn up the heat to finish cooking the carrots then serve once finished!


Calories – 450

Protein – 41g

Fat – 14g

Carbs – 6g

… Enjoy!


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