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Healthy Meals | Creamy Cashew Butter Chicken

Pimp up your chicken with this rich garlic cashew butter sauce – the perfect accompaniment to our protein pasta and can be served hot or cold.

Try this recipe for a seriously easy meal prep option to liven up your chicken!


– 150g diced chicken breast (try turkey breast as an alternative)

– 2 tbsp. Cashew Butter

– 1 tsp. garlic powder

– 1 tbsp. honey (try Sugar-Free Syrup for a sugar-free alternative)

– 1 chicken stock cube

– 120ml boiling water

– 30g Protein Pasta



1) Mix together all the ingredients into a thick paste and coat the chicken. Bake for 25 minutes on 180°C, making sure the bowl has a lid or covered in tin foil.

Tip: spinach is a great addition to this recipe!


2) While the chicken is cooking, boil the kettle and cook your protein pasta, following the instructions on the packet.


3) Once everything is cooked, remove the chicken from the bowl and add a little boiling water to the leftover juices and sauce. Mix together until it makes a runny sauce, then pour over the cooked pasta. Devour!


Calories – 467

Protein – 52g

Fat – 22g

Sugar – 19g


… Enjoy!




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