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Healthy Desserts | Ginger and Sultana Flapjacks

Our mouth-watering Ginger and Sultana Flapjacks are deliciously rich with ginger with an incredible depth of flavour!

Ingredients noted can make up a generous 16 bars that can be kept in an air tight container for 5-7 days.

These nutty flapjacks can also be frozen for convenience!




– 400 g Rolled oats


– 100g Myprotein Coconpure Coconut Oil


– 100g Brown Sugar


– 40g Sultana’s


– 2 Tbsp Honey


– 1 Tbsp Ground ginger


– 1 Fruit teabag




1) Firstly start by putting the teabag and raisins in a bowl and pouring over 1 cup of boiling water to allow the fruit to swell


2) Melting the coconut oil (or Butter) and the sugar together (do not boil) and pour over the rolled oats, protein powder and ground ginger then mix together


3) Remove the tea bag from the bowl and pour the fruit and leftover water over the oats and mix together


4) Pour the mixture into a baking paper lined tray and bake on 190oC for 20-25 minutes


5) Once cooked lightly cut the bake into portion sizes allow to cool then cut into pieces and wrap in cellophane for individual servings they will last for 3 months in the freezer




Calories – 138


Protein – 3g


Fat – 7g


Sugar – 7g


… Enjoy!



Ginger flapjacks



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