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Healthy Chicken Quinoa Burgers Recipe

Healthy Chicken Quinoa Burgers

Eating for a healthier body and mind doesn’t necessarily mean eating plain chicken and brown rice! These healthy chicken quinoa burgers combine two foods high in lean protein in an incredibly creative and delicious way! What’s more is you can forget that stodgy bread bun, we’ve got something a whole lot better!




To start your going to need the basics:

150g or 5 oz of chicken breast

50g of cooked quinoa

Half a red onion

A handful of spinach

1/3 of a pepper

1 egg

A sweet potato

A clove of garlic, fresh herbs, salt and pepper.


 Healthy Chicken Quinoa Burgers




Start by cutting your sweet potato into thick round slices, these will act as your super sweet bun! Place in the oven at 180 degrees celcius for 40 minutes.

Follow the cooking instructions for your quinoa, cook and leave to stand.

In a blender add your chicken breasts and blend.

To the blender add your vegetables, egg, seasonings and cooked quinoa, mix together or pulse briefly.


 Healthy Chicken Quinoa Burgers



The Cooking


Grease a warm pan with coconut oil or low calorie sprat, form your chicken mixture into round patties and place on the warm pan, cook each side until brown and add to a baking tray.

Once all burgers are browned place grill each side at 125 degrees Celsius for two minutes.

Remove your slices of sweet potato from the oven.


 Healthy Chicken Quinoa Burgers Healthy Chicken Quinoa Burgers


The Eating!


Starting with one slice of sweet potato begin to stack your burgers until you have the ultimate bread free chicken burger, add tomato, salad and salsa and enjoy!


 Healthy Chicken Quinoa Burgers



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