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Quick & Healthy Breakfast Idea | Avocado Rose On Toast

In case you hadn’t heard, everyone is officially obsessed with all things avocado toast. But did you know there isn’t much protein in your standard avo-toast? Why not try avocado on toasted high-protein bread for the ultimate protein-packed breakfast to kick-start your day!

Hemp seeds make a crunchy addition to your avo-toast and add extra healthy fats and protein too.

This ultra-healthy breakfast can be made in minutes and will keep your hunger pangs at bay ’til lunch time.


1 Slice Dr Zak’s High Protein Bread

5g Organic Hemp Seeds

1/2 avocado


1) First, toast your high-protein bread.

2) Next, cut the avocado length ways and remove the stone.

3) You can just top your toast with the chopped avocado, but if you’re feeling fancy, you can try making a rose! This is best done with an avocado that isn’t too overripe as they tend to break a little (try mashing ripe avocados instead). Scoop out the flesh and thinly slice the avocado down the length of it. Spread the slices out into a line, overlapping each slightly. Starting on one end, roll inwards until it makes a rose.

4) Sprinkle with a few shelled hemp seeds and devour!


Calories: 256          Protein: 16g          Fat: 12g          Carbs: 19g          Sugar: 0g      

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