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Healthy Bonfire Night Treats | Toffee Apple Granola Pot Recipe

Our delicious bonfire night snack has been created with your nutrition goals in mind!

Instead of loading up on the traditional sugar loaded treats while watching the fireworks, give our Toffee Apple Granola Pot a try.

Create this treat in advance and use a jam jar to carry in your bag without leaking. Why not surprise your guests and make them for everyone – they won’t be disappointed!


– 6 Red Apples

– 3 tbsp Myprotein Granola

– 500g Total Yoghurt (or a dairy-free alternative)

– Ground cinnamon

– Ground allspice (optional)


1) Firstly start be cooking your apples (Tip use normal eating apples instead of cooking apples and you will not have to add any sweeteners.)

2) Cut them into half and halves again keeping the skin on and add to a pan with 1 table spoon of cold water and the lid then allow to cook on a low heat for 15-20 mins until soft.

3) Remove from the heat and add the cinnamon you can mash the apples if you prefer a smoother texture.

This can be stored in the fridge for 10 days of in the freezer for three months and can be used to sweetener all kids of dishes – porridge, cakes, no bake goodies and savoury dishes such as stir fry’s and ratatouille

Once the apple sauce has cooled you can build your pot:

To the base of the jar add:

1) 2 table spoons of apples sauce.

2) 3 table spoons of Total yoghurt.

3) And lastly 3 table spoons of protein granola!

toffee apple granola pot


(Based on 5 servings)

Calories – 220

Protein – 18g

Fat – 1g

Carbs – 37g

Sugar – 25g (mainly natural sugars from the apples!)

… Enjoy!

Gemma Amery

Gemma Amery

Writer and expert

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