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Fry Up Burger!

Fry Up Burger!


Why miss out on the good stuff on fry up day? Our Fry up burger is a healthier alterative to the classic fry up! It has less than 300 calories and 31g of protein, give it a try! 

You will need:
2 large Portobello Mushrooms

1 Bacon rasher

2 Eggs

Handful of raw spinach

20ml Milk

Grill your bacon and chop the spinach into small pieces, once the bacon is cooked cut into small pieces and place both in the base of your muffin case
Whisk 2 eggs and 20ml of milk, salt and pepper pour over the bacon and spinach in the case and cook on 180C for 12 minutes

While the egg is cooking, place the two mushrooms in a dry griddle and cook on a medium heat both side making sure not to overcook, as it needs to hold the egg muffin.

Once everything is cooked build your breakfast burger and serve.

fry up burger

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Calories – 296

Fat – 15g

Protein – 31g


Gemma Amery

Gemma Amery

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