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Healthy Desserts | Cookie Cheese Cake Sundae

When you have worked hard all week and really need a sweet treat before stepping into the ice-cream aisle, STOP!

Give this Cookie Cheese Cake Sundae a try – a creamy, filling, sweet dish, that is far lower in sugar and fat than a shop bought ice-cream sundae.

Oh and not to mention way higher in protein… 77g to be precise!




– 1 scoop Impact Whey Protein – White chocolate flavour


– 1 Double Chocolate Protein Cookie


– ½ Tub of Quark or low fat cream cheese


– MYSYRUP (as much as you like!) – Chocolate flavour





So simple and quick so let’s get started!


1) Mix together your quark and Whey, maybe some vanilla flavdrops if you have any.


2) Crumble half the cookie in the bowl and spoon on half your of your Whey protein mixture


3) Add another layer of cookie and top with the remaining whey mixture


4) Lastly pour over as much MYSYRUP as you like and enjoy!





Calories – 519

Carbs – 26g

Fat – 12g

Protein – 77g

Sugar – 8g


… Enjoy!






Gemma Amery

Gemma Amery

Writer and expert

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