Clean Cashew and Coconut Egg Nests

Looking for an Easter treat that won’t sabotage your diet? Why not try our delicious but clean, low sugar Easter cupcake nests! These Cashew and Coconut Egg Nests are miles ahead of regular chocolate cornflake cakes in both flavour and macros, with only 3g sugar per serving!




– 30g Instant Oats


– 40g Crushed Shredded wheat


– 45g Melted Coconut oil


– 25g Cashew Butter


– 1 Tbsp Honey



a) Start by melting the coconut oil until it turns clear


b) Mix all the ingredients together and press into a muffin case and decorate the top with Myprotein protein balls, place in the fridge for 2 hours to set.




Calories – 145

Protein – 2g

Fat – 11g

Sugar – 3g




Easter eggs





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