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Chocolate Strawberry Cream Protein Bars

Chocolate Strawberry Cream  Protein Bars


Do you find yourself digging through that box of Quality street or Cadbury’s roses in the hope for a strawberry cream!? Well we’ve got the perfect high protein alternative for you! These chocolate strawberry cream protein bars are super high in protein and taste just like strawberry creams!





Sounds weird but the main ingredient you’ll need is beetroot! Here’s what else you’ll need:


250g of cooked beetroot

5 scoops of instant oats

6 scoops of strawberry cream soy protein isolate

3 squirts of strawberry Flavdrops

Large bar of dark chocolate (75% cocoa or more)

1 tablespoon of sweetener





Step One


In a food processor blend your beetroot.

Add in 6 scoops of strawberry cream soy protein isolate, sweetener, instant oats and flavdrops. (Note- The soy protein can be substituted for casein or milk protein smooth but not whey protein- this is because these proteins form a thicker consistency).


Step Two


After a lot of elbow grease you should be left with a super thick pink dough! Put the dough in the freezer for 5 minutes or fridge for ten.


Once chilled using your hands shape the dough into protein bars and put back in the fridge/freezer.


Step Three


While the bars chill, melt a large bar of dark chocolate.

Coat the protein bars in a layer of dark chocolate and allow the chocolate to harden by once again putting them back in the freezer.


Step Four


After ten minutes your bars should be ready to eat!




Store in the fridge long term and enjoy!

This mixture makes around 12 bars!


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Per Bar:

Calories: 189Kcals

Protein: 16g

Fat: 5.9g

Carbohydrates: 17.2g

Sugar: 3.9g


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