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Easy Dessert Recipe | Chocolate Protein Mug Cake

When the cravings kick in, try our low-sugar chocolate protein mug cake for a deliciously filling snack in less than 5 minutes!


  ✓ 1 scoop Chocolate Impact Whey Protein or Protein Hot Chocolate

✓ 100g unsweetened apple sauce

White of 1 large egg

Tip: Try adding a blob of your favourite nut butter for a gooey centre


1) Mix all ingredients together in a mug until well-combined.

2) Place in the microwave for 20 seconds and stir (if you’re using nut butter, now’s the time to drop it into the middle).

3) Microwave for a further 40 seconds. If the mug cake still looks very wet, microwave for a further 10-20 seconds.

4) Top with your favourite yoghurt, granola, fruit, or a sprinkling of cacao nibs for that chocolate hit.


Calories: 152         Protein: 17g          Fat: 6g          Carbs: 6g          Sugar: 4g      

Give me more delicious healthy recipes!

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