High Protein Snacks

Black Forrest Protein Pudding

Black Forrest Protein Pudding


Looking for a delicious high protein pudding? This black forest protein pudding is a delicious super sweet pud to enjoy after a workout!




Here’s what you’ll need to get going:

1 pot of quark

30g of chocolate smooth milk protein

150g of frozen berries

3 tablespoons of sweetener

1 squeezed lemon

20g of honey

Chocolate FlavDrops

5g cocoa powder





Step One


To make the jam:

Start by boiling defrosted frozen berries with the juice of one lemon, honey and 3 tablespoons of sweetener.

Stir constantly for 20 minutes. After this time remove from the heat and allow to cool, or for quickness put the jam/coulis in the freezer.


Step Two


Combine a pot of quark, 30g of chocolate smooth protein and chocolate FlavDrops in a bowl and mix well.


Step Three


Into a small dessert glass or ramekin add a layer of couli, followed by a layer of chocolate pudding. Continue to layer the mixtures until the glasses are full.


And that’s it! Grate some dark chocolate on the top and enjoy!


Black Forrest Protein Pudding Black Forrest Protein Pudding


This mix makes two servings.



Per Serving:

Calories: 211Kcals



Carbohydrates: 23.0g

Sugar: 13.5g



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